Ellie Sainsbury

My work critically examines the role of politicians in Brexit. These are some of the richest and most powerful in our society who are alienated from the majority because of their dislocating wealth, mannerisms and morals. My feelings of anger and disappointment towards politicians and the dated political establishment have fuelled my creativity and manifested in the form of large-scale sculptures. Drawing from several art styles and movements, such as post-modernist soft sculpture and minimalism, my intention was to create a three-dimensional visual collage which is intriguing due to the breaks in material. Throughout my practice I have used metal in a variety of ways. By welding armatures and structures, dying fabric with rust and gilding clay with gold leaf, I have used metal as a metaphor for the wealth of politicians and the uncivilised, harsh nature of politics today. In my larger than life figure sculptures I have drawn from the human form and warped it, through harsh steel pillars for legs, twisted gilded masks for a face and a hunched, bulbous body, I aim to reveal a politician’s self-indulgence, complete self-interest and lack of humanity, symptoms at odds with their position of care in our society.