Amy Bonser

Instagram: @amybonserartist

Through my work I look at the meaning of contemporary Romanticism based on the landscapes of a postmodern society. I do this with particular interest in grand Nordic landscapes, some of the most spectacular natural views in the world. I explore the subtle man-made impositions on the worlds natural landscapes by introducing them into my paintings in a way that is almost indistinguishable. This means looking at the implications of a ‘natural landscape’ in the modern world and the interactions between the authentic and the man-made, in the way that they have become almost impossible to separate from one another. However, I still aim to celebrate a vibrant emotional attachment to nature and the magnificent power it holds. To achieve this I put particular emphasis on intense colours, light emanation and layered brushstrokes. By putting my light colours down first I allow a vibrance to come through, scratching into the surface in an expressive way to reveal areas of colour. This process forms landscapes that appear both abstract and representational.