Alice Sherlock


Instagram: @alicesherlockart

In essence my practice focuses on narratives being drawn from improvisations. From these improvisational conversations I create made artifacts that allow the audience to glean small details creating a bigger picture for themselves. My work usually starts with a conversation, with prompting questions from myself as a directorial persona. I am interested in space and verbatim conversations between a group of people with the central idea that an ‘event’ has happened. However the ‘event’ hasn’t happened and never will happen. My practice is concerned with the idea of false information and ambiguity configuring itself in instillation. Memory is another part of my practice and something that I use to create hazy details of events, yet they are still ambiguous enough to be able to explore in my own way, much like an old photograph. I want to highlight the mundane, rewriting transcribed conversations enabling the audience to see how nonsensical the speech is without specific context.