Aoibhin Maguire

Instagram: @artist_aoibhin

My practice investigates the relationship between nature and chance. I am interested in the unpredictability of nature and how it can only be predicted to a certain point. Despite our advances in technology, nature is still the more powerful. I employ chance operations in my work to allude to this unpredictability, drawing inspiration from artists such as John Cage. By combining control and chance factors, I manipulate my materials to create works alluding to earthly occurrences but with an unnatural twist. I investigate the politics of climactic events and how they are perceived cross culturally, sometimes as a blessing, sometimes as a tragedy. I am interested in how our world is never fully ours, we can never fully relax, outcomes for us can be determined by something greater, even more so due to climate change which is leading to these ‘disasters’ becoming even more forceful and destructive. My work studies the forms of various forces of nature and I often draw inspiration from how digital mapping can capture the flow of geographical events. Using man-made, industrial materials, I create work inspired by natural forms, thus alluding to the impact which humans have on nature.

3D Painting