Almost Insignificant 

What is the experience of an orange? What about a brush? Imagine a world where human and nonhuman elements live alongside each other, a world where people no longer have precedence over things, but rather become material things tangled in a mesh with non-human things. Informed by the philosophy of Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO), Almost Insignificant explored with meditative calm the interconnections between, and the transformative nature of, material objects. To do so, the show made use of a visualiser, a projector, a compressed microphone, a brush, dead hair, an orange, a tube of orange lotion, a broken watch, a pile of books, a lump of dough, a roll of yellow thread, a needle, a banana case, a rotting banana, a mirror and human bodies. At a time when the consequences of environmental destruction are becoming a harsh reality, would it be worth turning our attention to our surroundings and their agency? Are we not, after all, part of the environment, including the built environment on which we thrive?

Fieona Dixon Performer/Scenographer

Eleni Georgiou Performer/Scenographer

Santi Guillamon Reverte Performer/Scenographer

Stephanie Hui Performer/Scenographer


Olivia Kim Performer/Scenographer

Rosie Schofield rosiehoughtonschofield@gmail. com Performer/Scenographer

Alice Sherlock Performer/Scenographer