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Doing Film at degree level has been both an exercise in developing my own creative identity as
well as an opportunity to experience a variety of films in their artistic and political contexts. During
this degree I have experienced the works of Iranian female directors like Samira Makhmalbaf and
Fatemeh Meshkini, pioneers in French New Wave cinema and American icons such as Spielberg
or Ford Coppola. This eclectic and informative course has widened my horizons and opened up
new possibilities in cinematic experimentation for me.Having created my own take on surrealist
version of Hitchcock’s Psycho in my first year, I have taken pleasure in seeing my ideas explored
in a collaborative setting and made a reality. Truly, I do not know what comes next for me, but my
love of film and creative drive is more alive than ever before in my life. All I know, is that I plan to
use it.

Caitlan Walton

Film and English Literature