Courtney Helsby



Instagram: @CourtneyHelsbyArt

I am interested in the notion of life and death, questioning the worth of humans compared to animals. Anthropomorphism is a present theme in my work, using animals as metaphors for people suggesting family relationships in which the viewer can easily relate to. I am questioning the practical implications of the system and the involvement humans have in the production of farming. My aim is to challenge and shock the observer and to spread awareness of the industries that take advantage and exploit animals for the sole benefit of profit, not taking into consideration the pain and torture they cause. My intention Is to strip away life from the animal

symbolising the commodification of the industries comparing the animals to objects of possession. I want my work to resonate with the viewer to leave them to judge whether my work is comforting or unsettling to behold and to think about the animals that are taken and torn away from their mothers to be farmed and killed for the sake of human consumption.

Sculpture and Mixed Media