Emily Ayre

Email: e_ayre@yahoo.com

Blog: e.ayre@myportfolio.com

Instagram: @emilyayrefineart

I am a mixed media artist centralising around digital media, performance, sculpture and text. My work behaves as an aesthetic system; focusing on the psychological and social implications and explorations of female sexuality and bodily functions, including menstruation and birth.


My work functions within gap between reality and the other worldly, the key aim being to create works that are both politically and socially accessible and uncanny. The sculptures I have made work, not autonomously, but props or

characters featuring in my performances. They are abstracted personifications of bodily matter, blood clots and vessels – their macabre nature juxtaposing with the high saturation and soft lighting of the performance’s staging. In an attempt to explore the nature of human interaction with the body, the visceral sculptures are treated with gentility and maternal care.

New Media