Daisy Williamson

Email: daisy_williamson@hotmail.co.uk Instagram: @daisywilliamsonart

Using ‘women’s work’ I am exploring ideas around feminism. Going from looking at misogynistic comments by world leaders I am now focusing on the everyday. By taking people’s individual experiences, I am trying to highlight what is going on every day to our sisters, our brothers, our neighbours and our friends in a way that can’t be ignored. Sexism should not be our ordinary.

I try to use humour and cosy aesthetics to highlight the absurdity of gender inequality and to bring it under the microscope. By using techniques, inspiration, and equipment from the women in my family, I juxtapose the offensive and demeaning things said with the comforting, cosy and humorous. In this way I hope to make the debate around sexism accessible through interactive pieces that you can’t resist touching.

Soft Sculpture