Leonie Robertshaw

Email: leonierobertshaw@gmail.com

Website: www.leonierose1.wixsite.com/fineart

Instagram: @leo_robshaw

My practice brings refreshed attention to the age-old study of

anatomy. I explore the visual aesthetic links between medical science and fine art, harnessing modern digital visualisation to express the progress that the studies of anatomy have made in the past 500 years.

I take inspiration from historical authorities like Andreas Vesalius

and contemporary artists like Koen Hauser to find a visual language

that is both aesthetically compelling and anatomically educational.

To express this fusion of purpose, I investigate old and new imaging techniques, such as the medical waxworks of Clemente Susini and Computerised Topography (CT) scans. I find imagery that seamlessly incorporates both, and this is most eloquently communicated through my investigation of the ‘Anatomical Venus’.

Using 3D scanning and a laser-cutting technique, I assimilate flat Perspex slices into recognisable models of the human figure. The fusion of classical and contemporary images is a key component that makes my work compelling

Painting and Sculpture