Lauren Silcock

Phone: 07817858958


My work aims to question and create discourse around contemporary ideas of the human condition: gender, identity, transformation, rebirth and the dualism between the natural and constructed. My sculptures operate as a multifaceted narrative for a space of the in- between, oscillating the boundaries of intimacy and theatricality, jagged and smooth, changing and still, human and non-human.

Repetition of fragmented bodily forms within my sculptures cascade, protrude and intertwine to form an interchangeable state of fixation and fluidity- a condition of constant flux in order to undo a singular narrative. I use jutting limbs to create a subliminal conflict of comfort and discomfort, real or imaginary, fiction or non-fiction. These forms operate as a familiar source of comfort, providing a habitual mode of understanding whilst simultaneously dismantling it.

This movement between states is reflective of the art historical and

contemporary literary sources that inform my practice. By combining a classically-inspired aesthetic with contemporary post-feminist themes I aim to announce jarring oppositions where Michelangelo meets Donna Haraway and future ideas mesh with the renaissance, in an attempt to comprehend the ever-complex, evolving experience of inhabiting a body