Megan Bowyer


My practice is creating hypothetical futures, strange worlds, odd landscapes, and walking through them to try and address issues in our present world. Influenced by the narratives of both fiction and classical painting, I aim to combine biology and mythology to look beyond the looming environmental apocalypse.

Working primarily through drawing, I produce both large scale, gestural works in charcoal, and smaller, detailed works in graphite; always concerning environmentalism. Strongly inspired by botanical gardens, science fiction novels, and Greco-Roman mythology, my drawings often feature a mess of horticulture and other biological elements, as well as figures who roam these landscapes and tell their stories. 

My current work is centred around the Anthropocene, I am worldbuilding and writing to create narratives where humanity is living in dystopia, and the characters within these narratives are unravelling what happened to the planet. This allows me to explore climate change problems such as diminishing environments, cumulating waste, and techno-solutionism, in an imaginative and visually interesting way.