Lorna Flynn


My practice revolves around the intersection of survival and spirituality, in the context of climate change and the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene is the proposed new geological era in which human activity has the dominant impact on Earth’s geology, environment and climate.

With humans as the primary source of environmental change, our

relationship with the world around us is fundamentally altered and

the relevance of our spiritual practices in this new epoch is called into question. Utilising a wide range of media, I create characters and narratives set within an imagined, but very possible, future in order to explore how our beliefs and values may change under such conditions.

The archaeologist at the focus of my work in ‘Coordinate’ studies artefacts from the 21st century as part of her research. In imagining what her conclusions might be and how she arrives at them, I can explore her cultural viewpoint and, in doing so, reflect on the societal values of this proto-future as a whole. Through this exploration I examine the evolution of

folklore and belief in relation to the unpredictable environmental change of the far-future, ultimately enabling me to understand more about our current belief-systems and cultural attitudes towards climate change.

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