Lucy Gonnella


Phone number: 07821814799


My work investigates various well-known stereotypes concerning how women should act and appear. Using sculpture and projection, my artistic practice seeks to unravel these stereotypes by overexaggerating them to the point of distortion, absurdity and sickliness. Addressing topics such as hyper-femininity, body ownership, domesticity and motherhood, has allowed me to

scrutinise these moulds and their key characteristics and enabled me to create a new visual language that critiques society’s notion of the ideal woman. My practice aspires to counteract years of female misrepresentation and looks at the origins of the ideal woman.

Through my contextual research I have examined women’s representation in early Hollywood films, classical paintings

and the use of women as muses, and how this has contributed to strict guidelines women must adhere to. Moreover, I have investigated the comparison of women to goddesses such as Venus and the implications of constantly painting this unequalled woman. Two theorists that have been influential in my historical analysis include Laura Mulvey and John Berger, with critical focus on their

concepts of what it means ‘to be seen’. The culmination of my work highlights women in a new, unconventional manner that reclaims society’s negative preconceptions and transforms them into something confrontational.

Sculpture and Mixed Media