Pablo Rubio

"The Media became their only reality, and I owned their world of flickering shadows - BBC, TUC, ITV, ABC, ATV, CIA, CBA, NFT, MGM, KGB, C of E. You name it - I bought them all and rearranged the alphabet.”

(Jarman, 1978)

Working in between new media installation and performance, I have

learnt the dynamic language of the twenty-first century through the time-based disclosure of information that is moving image to explore the relationship between popular entertainment and contemporary politics.

Through my notion of mediatised politics as rehearsed performance, I have become interested in television as the dominant medium of data delivery. In Marxist terms, I recognise the consumption of - often fake - information as another commodity of late capitalism’s experience economy (Pine and Gilmore, 2011).

My digital compositions speak of our limited capacity to discern between the fictional and the real in a hyper-mediated age, driven by Robert Hewison’s contemporary notion of Baudrillard’s fragmentation and James Ball’s definition of the ‘post-truth’ era. Candice Breitz and Dara Birnbaum’s critical attempts to ‘talk

back to the media’ have also inspired the direction of my recent experimental work.

New Media Installation and Performance