Influenced by the Ausdruckstanz of Mary Wigman, the Butoh of Hijikata Tatsumi, the Tanztheater of  Pina  Bausch  and  other  expressionist  modern  dance  and  physical  theatre  practitioners,  this intense dance work was performed to an original sound design and against a set informed by the  sculpture  of  Mark  Dion,  the  American  artist  who  works  with  rubbish.  Indeed, Glut was  a  physically demanding exploration of the link between human consumption and environmental degredation.  Key  to  this  link  were  disturbing,  visceral  but  theatrically-vivid  kinetic  images  of  overeating  and  retching,  in  effect  treating  bulimia  as  a  metaphor  for  humankind’s  abuse  of  natural  resources.  Interspersed  within  these  kinetic  images  and  choreographed  sequences,  which  emphasised  ensemble  action,  were  images  of  a  stiller  and  more  visual  kind  involving disused plastic. At the start, for instance, a huge sheet of plastic lit from the side and shaped

into  an  iceberg  seemed  to  creek  then  crack  and  ripple  outwards  as  if  melting.  At  the  end,  a  thin and seemingly endless line of plastic was pulled with aching precision from the mouth of a corpse. Is that our future?

Amelia Banerjee Performer

Scarlet Crooke Performer

Bethany Dyke Performer

Charlotte Hesk Performer

Renesse Leong Scenographer

Rachel Morris Performer


Sofie-Rose White Performer

Ria Smith Dramaturg

Isabel Shaw Scenographer