Megan Taylor-Gaskell

Phone: 07541273839


My work focuses heavily on the loss of biodiversity and the disruption of natural eco systems by anthropogenic forces. I am interested in the relationship between humanity and nature and how nature can overcome the hardship created in order to re-develop and thrive in new habitats. The idea of giving agency to non-human life forms stems from my personal beliefs and my understanding of the strong importance nature holds.

My practice is informed by my knowledge and understanding from research into biology, the Anthropocene, along with academic experiments and experiences – like the work from Anna Tsing – and cultural adaptations of natural agencies like Annihilation.

My work creates a new natural eco system for post-human living conditions created by our society. It looks at the question: “If new nature would grow, thrive and develop today what new adaptational life form would emerge from our man-made environments in order for it to survive?” From my practice I looked at our capitalistic desires and consumerist actions and how they would accumulate into forcing a new adaptational life style onto natural environments. This then developed into a practice where a fusion between nature and culture can begin in order for nature to revitalise itself.

Photography and Sculpture