Olivia Foskett

Phone: 07860663192

Email: Foskett007@Hotmail.co.uk

My work explores the Death of Ages through an immersive, conceptual installation which imagines a future where our 21st century reality is forgotten. The viewer steps into this world and is able to see their present retrospectively, through the lens of an archaeology of the future, demonstrating forgetting, rediscovery and imagination. The Installation combines sculpture, textile, lighting and sound to explore themes of Death, Ritual and Era. The central

figure of the pylon represents a monument to power and data technology as a major pillar of contemporary society, and the deathliness of the skeletal pylon frames the transition from communications hardware to ephemeral data as the death of the body and release of the ‘soul’. My work reflects a fascination

with environment, technology and society’s trajectory toward self-erasure

Multi-media and Installation