Rosie Allis


Phone: 07790799970

My current practice focuses on the theme of boundaries and spaces,

both physical and mental. These are the perimeters in which we all live out our lives, yet our experiences remain vastly different. My work is almost a recording of my experiences regarding these concepts.


I use semi-representational painting in order to explore memory, dreams, sentiment and abstract ideas. My work is heavily inspired by the abstract expressionist, surrealist and modernist, post-war movements. Whilst my paintings may not be a reaction to a world war, it is my reaction to a war of boundaries and space, conscious and subconscious. Automatism as well as direct referencing of memories has enabled me to capture both of these states (conscious and subconscious); creating my most personal work to date.


My surrealist approach hopefully allows for not only myself but the observer to form a more personal relationship with the work and what it ‘means’. This style of painting has provided me with a way of expressing the inner psyche in a form I believe can not be replicated through verbal or written communication, manifesting itself in what some might call a ‘mindscape’.