Sophie Jackson

I’ve always had a huge interest in music and how it can be expressed through other art mediums, and my work looks into the world of chromesthesia. In an attempt to physically recreate music’s curious effect on the visuals of a chromesthetic mind, the pieces I have created are done as such: I sit with my eyes closed and my music player’s headphones on. Listening to only video game music, music with no vocals which is designed to loop and create a certain atmosphere for its listeners, I note what shapes and colours stand

out the most to me as I watch the sounds take a physical form over my eyes. Although for a final piece I will present a more digital form of chromesthesia in order to use animation to better replicate the movement and ever-changing form of a song, I still find something much more unique and intricate to my smaller hand painted pieces; the flow of the music seems to replicate itself more comfortably through the flow of a paintbrush on a blank surface.