Tsveta Hristova

Phone: 07599943331

Email: tsveta.hrs@gmail.com

My work depicts the spiritual and emotional states that I, as a human being, have experienced throughout my life. I have chosen to do this in order to show the mental issues and the destructive results from various situations, such as childhood, relationships and different environments. The sculptures that I produce showcase these situations and present the different emotions, which are

anxiety, depression, anger, shame and guilt. These emotions are vital for the representation of the artwork because they are showing the destructive consequences of these feelings. Moreover, the sculptures contain hollows, which depict the emptiness of the spiritual body, the soul, and how it destroys itself, because of these emotions and it leaves the body being exposed, in order for others to view the existential void and its difficulty to maintain stable. The figures

are a presentation of how I have felt in certain times of uncertainty and doubt.