Youngji Hwang

Phone: 07518853388



My practice is finding the relationship between the place and me, so it’s a very personal and emotional project. I’ve been maintaining my journal for a long time and I found somehow my drawings have a lot of feelings of emptiness, isolation and disappearance. I’m drawing almost only the outlines of the architecture or environment without putting any surfaces or colour, which lets the viewers into the lost and sad mood. And probably the reason why I have this drawing style is because of the perceptions of how I see the places, at that temporary moment. Related to my circumstance that I’m not staying here permanently, I guess the feeling of vanishing and being temporary is unconsciously shown through my drawing.

For the project, I wanted to convey the same feeling but shown in different ways. While working in the studio, I found it fascinating that I could evoke the isolated feeling more by adding some physical emptiness and I started drawing with a 3D pen, so that I could separate my drawing (outlines) from the background. This gives the audience an insight to my memories/perceptions of these places.